Two fluffy black and white dogs named Bailey and Baxter

The staff and veterinarians at VVC are TRULY the best! This includes everyone from reception and boarding/grooming to the vet techs and vets!

They all GENUINELY care about my dogs, including my very high maintenance one and every one of their clients that walk through their doors.  Their love and concern shows through in their sincere respect for every one of us.   Knowing that my boys are in loving hands with Dr Ganter and her staff, I wouldn’t go any other place! THEY HAVE HEART!

-Alicia Kaplan

Three large black and white Great Danes.

The Village Veterinary Clinic is my choice for the best comprehensive medical care for our “Fur Kids”!! The facility, doctors, & staff are in a class by themselves.

The facility is one of the newest on the Central Coast; very spacious, clean, and has multiple treatment rooms of varying sizes. They are able to provide a magnitude of services onsite and that is very important when time is of the essence.

My dogs have been under the care of Dr. Connie Ganter DVM and Dr. Julie Deter DVM for their entire lives. They have also seen Dr. Lette Obledo DVM (a part-time vet at the clinic) on occasion. I am 100% comfortable with the doctors’ expertise in treating my dogs, whether it’s a routine yearly physical or an emergency visit. All three doctors have an open rapport with each other, are honest & very frank, and provide excellent animal care as a veterinary team.

The staff is unparallel!! They are knowledgeable, caring, and treat your animals like family!! They are always there to greet you, relay phone messages to the doctors, and handle sometimes stressful situations with the utmost compassion. You can always expect a follow-up call to check on your pet if they have stayed at the clinic, had a procedure performed, or started a new medication. The staff really goes that extra mile to give owners peace of mind.

Our dogs are family dogs 1st, show dogs 2nd, & performance dogs 3rd. We believe the Village Veterinary Clinic provides the highest standard of medical care for our dogs and the lifestyle they lead with us on the other end of the leash.

-Dana R. Litzinger

A little boy laying down with his black boston terrier puppy

Village Vet is a top notch veterinarian clinic.  Not only do they offer a state of the art facility,  but they pride themselves with excellent customer service.  When it was time to neuter our French Bulldog, Franco, there was only one vet I trusted with the care of our pet.  Dr. Ganter is highly knowledgeable and she helped us with Franco’s allergy problems and fixed his teeth.  The boarding kennels at the clinic are clean, quiet and well maintained.  The special suites with the webcams gave us peace of mind when we were on vacation and wanted to check in on our fur kids.   I can say with confidence that the veterinarians, vet techs and staff have our pets best interest in mind at all times.

–  Stacey Lovelady

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