Pet Memorials

On behalf of the staff at Village Veterinary Clinic, we are honored to pay respect to our beloved animal friends who have passed.  We also welcome you to create a lasting tribute for your beloved pet or animal friend on our website's Pet Memorial page. Please feel free to complete the following Pet Memorial Form in Adobe Acrobat format, which requires the free Acrobat Reader to view.

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Belle 2000-2012

Belle and Dr. Thacker were inseparable, joining the Thacker family when Belle was only months old she was a important member of their family. With her calm and sweet nature she snuggled her way into the hearts of many. Going on farm calls with her dad she had fun chasing critters and sunbathing on the open acres of land. Belles soul lives on in the hearts of the VVC family, she is greatly missed.

Cabo  2004-2013

Our beloved Cabo, our faithful friend, and your love you shared till the very end. For 9 1/2 years our family was blessed, now its time for you to rest. You still live on in the hearts and minds, of the loving family you left behind.

Stewie Jan 2013-July 2013

Stewie was only a few months old when he joined the Clark Family household. He quickly wiggled his way into the hearts and lives of many families. Stewie and his best friend, Danni (another Clark Family dog), were never too far apart. They loved to run around the backyard and tumble over each other. Stewie was also able to plant himself in the heart of many of the families on Vandenberg AFB. Stewie will live on forever in our hearts.

Monty 2003-2017

I wish to express my sincere gratitude to Doctor Ganter, Doctor Deter and the staff of Village Veterinary Clinic for the excellent care provided to Monty for over a decade.  He departed our family on May 31, 2017, just two-months shy of his 14th birthday.  

Back in late 2013, a cancerous growth was discovered on Monty's paw resulting in the loss of a front digit.  I believe the quick action by Dr. Deter and subsequent radiation treatments, afforded us more precious time to enjoy Monty's company a bit longer.  In his later years, as he awoke and ambled into the kitchen for his breakfast, I would kiss Monty on the forehead and whisper into his ear, "everyday with you is a gift."  I would give anything to be able repeat that affirmation to him again.     

In 2014, we moved out of the area. Monty continued to receive excellent care from Sweetwater Veterinary Clinic in Agua Dulce.  My deepest appreciation to Doctor Caitlin Seeley and clinic staff for their attentiveness and devotion shown to Monty during the final years of his life.

Monty enjoyed a long life, enriched by those around him who provided so much compassionate care.  I appreciate you all.


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